Which CNS datacenter is my VPS hosted in?
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 13 August 2009 11:14 AM

This information is listed in the plan name your control panel, under "subscriptions" and also on your recurring invoice.

[LA] Los Angeles, California
[NYC] New York City
[UK] London, England

Another easy way to identify the datacenter is by the first octet in the IP address.

170.75.194-196.xxx.xxx Los Angles
170.75.197-207.xxx.xxx NYC
173.xxx.xxx.xxx NYC
64.xxx.xxx.xxx NYC
66.xxx.xxx.xxx NYC
67.xxx.xxx.xxx NYC
5.xxx.xxx.xxx UK
84.xxx.xxx.xxx UK
37.xxx.xxx.xxx UK
185.xxx.xxx.xxx UK


2605:5d80:2000::/35 Los Angeles
2605:5d80:4000::/35 NYC
2a04:f640::/29 UK


All virtual desktops, including Trader's Desktops, can select the datacenter to host in. Migration of datacenters requires that your VM is shut down during the move and a new IP address will be assigned when the migration is complete. It can take up to two hours, longer when there is a line. To migrate datacenters, shut down your VPS and open a support ticket. You may instead open a support ticket and wait for us to reply that we are ready before shutting down your VM.

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