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FCC Informal Complaint CNS vs TWC
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 23 June 2015 01:35 PM



Please find attached the informal complaint we filed with the FCC yesterday (Ticket No. 356684).  I am posting it because it is already freely available to you through the FCC and it is important for a heathy public discussion.  However, as this is now an issue before the commission, it would not be appropriate for me to make any further comments in a public forum (about this specific issue) until after the Commission has had an opportunity to act on it.


Thank you,


Barry Bahrami


UPDATE July 29, 2015:  We have received the TWC response and are reviewing it.  It is posted below for your review.  We will be submitting a response to the FCC soon. 


UPDATE August 4, 2015:  Today we are filing two documents with the FCC, an opinion on the merger and our rebuttal to the TWC response.  Both will be posted on this page after we file them.


UPDATE August 18, 2015:  Today we filed another opinion on the merger and in response to New Charter's comments.  It is posted below for your review.


UPDATE September 9, 2105:  Tonight we filed a response to the latest received from TWC.  All are posted here.


UPDATE  posted October 6, 2015:  We received the following from the FCC.  We can't help but feel let down by their not offering ANY comment.  A followup to the FCC was responded to with a message telling us to contact The Market Disputes Resolution Division ("MDRD") .  We are doing that now while we prepare to file a formal complaint.


Of course, Time Warner Cable viewers are still unable to watch the San Diego Web Cam.  We have viewers from Russia, Slovenia, Japan…really all over the world watching in 720p because their ISP’s peer settlement free to provide their paying Internet access subscribers good QoS.  But here in San Diego, if you live north of the I8, you are out of luck because TWC demands payment from the edge to deliver the content to their paying consumers who are requesting it.  It should also be noted that if you want real “broadband” speed, you have one and only one choice…TWC. 


FCC Consumer Complaints

Hi Barry,

The goal of the FCC’s informal complaint process is to make it easy for consumers to file complaints about telecommunications services and for service providers to address those complaints. This process also helps to ensure that, even when a service provider’s actions do not violate any applicable Commission rule, the provider knows how its customers feel about practices and policies that they believe are harmful to them.

In this instance, however, we regret that you were not satisfied with attempts by FCC staff to facilitate a more satisfactory resolution of the underlying issue. At this point, you might want to contact the company directly to see if you and the company can arrive at a resolution that is more acceptable to you. You will receive no further status on your complaint from FCC staff.


 cns-twc-fcc-complaint-signed.pdf (518.40 KB)
 twc response to cns informal complaint.pdf (1.04 MB)
 charter-twc-merger-opinion-of-cns-signed.pdf (333.95 KB)
 cns rebuttal to twc response-fcc-complaint-signed.pdf (695.50 KB)
 any2 participant list.xlsx (31.90 KB)
 equinixnycparticipantlist-20150520.xlsx (98.14 KB)
 charter-twc-merger-opinion-of-cns-2-signed.pdf (417.57 KB)
 twc resp to amended cns complaint.pdf (45.59 KB)
 cns rebuttal to twc response dated sept 1 2015-fcc-complaint-signed.pdf (455.86 KB)
 redacted-barry bahrami - twc complaint-signed.pdf (693.00 KB)
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