Distorted desktop from Windows 10 RDP clients to Server 2003 VMs
Posted by Bill Powis on 21 August 2015 09:37 AM

Some clients are noticing a distorted screen when connecting to Server 2003 VPS via the downloaded RDP shortcut.

A workaround until we have resolved the issue is to create an RDP shortcut from your Windows 10 PC.


To create a new RDP Shortcut in Windows 10.

Go to “Start” > “All Apps”  >  Find  Remote Desktop Connection under “Windows Accessories”

Click on  "Remote Desktop Connection"  

Click on  "Show Options"

In the “Computer” line paste your IP Address:Port /admin

Example: /admin

It will consist of the IP Address:port of your VPS,  and   /admin (Connects to the Administrator Console Session)

To get the settings for your VPS, Right click your existing RDP shortcut and select “Edit”. 

Copy the “Computer” line and paste or type into the new RDP.   At the end of the line add 1 space and  /admin

User name   Administrator

Under “Display” tab choose High Color (16 bit)

Under “Local Resources” tab Click “More”.  Put a check in the “Drives” box

Under “Experience” tab choose “Satellite” from the drop down menu

Go Back to “General” tab    Save As

Type the name:         VPS (Any name you want)

Save in:                      In the “Desktop” folder  (the RDP shortcut will appear on your PC “Desktop”)

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