How do I keep my programs running while I'm off-line?
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 04 January 2008 04:27 AM
This information is detailed in our streaming video tutorials.

Q: How do I keep my programs running while I'm off-line?

A: Keep your programs running by not logging of the virtual desktop. Disconnect your session instead of logging off.

To disconnect over remote desktop client: Roll the mouse to the top of the screen and a yellow bar will drop down. Click the X to disconnect

To disconnect over Virtuozzo Power Panel: Close the web browser

Note that if you leave the remote desktop by 'start->log off' or 'start->shut down' then you will log off or shutdown the VE, and this will stop your programs. It is important that you disconnect rather than log off.

You can rejoin the running session by logging back in. You can capture a running session on another client by logging in with the same user name. For example, if you leave your PC logged on and want to logon to the virtual desktop from a laptop, simply logon to your virtual desktop normally. The laptop will be connected and the PC will be disconnected.
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