How do I disable a lost or stolen two-factor token?
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 09 August 2008 07:31 AM


If you lose your mobile device then you should immediately report it to CNS so we can deactivate the user account.  This will prevent anyone from logging into the account as the user who the device belongs to.  Deactivating a device requires a form is filled out by the subscriber and faxed to CNS for immediate processing, 24/7/365.  However, because deactivating does not require confirming your identity with a third party, it will not restore access - only prevent anyone from logging in.  This first step is required to secure the account and regain access.

Please download and print the attached document "2FA_deactivation_order.pdf".  Fill it out, sign it and be sure to include a copy of your government issued ID.  If you do not have your government issued identification, please include some other personal documentation such as a utility bill.  Also be sure to let us know in the notes.

Then, FAX the document to +1 (206) 350-9151

We will immediately deny new logins to the user account, however any running servers or open windows sessions will not be impacted.

In some cases, when we are able to positively verify your identity through a previously established relationship with CNS, this may be the only document required to regain access.



To regain access to your account, please download and print the attached document "Two-factor_Authentication_Identity_Confirmation.pdf".  This document must be filled out and notarized.

Then, FAX the document to +1 (206) 350-9151

 We will then remove the block so you can login to your control panel account and register a new device.



 2fa_token_deactivation_order.pdf (148.89 KB)
 two-factor_authentication_identity_confirmation.pdf (150.53 KB)
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