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Latency to popular brokers and services from our Trader's VPS
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 09 March 2009 02:22 PM

The following table list the latency between our Trader's VPS and popular brokers by CNS datacenter [read more about low latency]. There is also more information listed in the FAQ below this chart.

Click on the datacenter (i.e. NY or UK) at the top to order a VPS in that data center.
You can also run your own latency tests from our datacenters through our
Looking Glass

  New York UK
24FX []
Regulated by: Cypress Securities Exchange Commission
81ms 12ms

AAAFx [] LIve

AAAFx( Demo





AccentForex ( []

82ms 8ms
ActivTrades []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
77ms 11ms
Admiral Markets []
Regulated by:  FSA [EE]
90ms 3ms
Advanced Markets FX Live []
DEMO is in San Jose, CA 12 ms from SDCA
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
1ms 71ms
AFX Capital []
Regulated by:  CySEC [CY]
90ms 23ms
Alpari-RU []
Regulated by:  KROUFR [RU]
122ms 49ms
Alpari-US []
Regulated by:  NFA [US]
20ms 72ms
Alpha Capital Markets []
Regulated by: FCA [UK]
76ms 8ms
Alvexo []
Regulated by: CySEC
71ms 3ms
Amana Capital []
Regulated by: FSA [UK]
71ms 3ms

Argus FX []

7ms 77ms
Assets FX [] 87ms IX PEER
ATC []
Regulated by:  NFA [US]
<1ms 73ms

Regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority [FRN]

8ms 83ms
Atiora FX  []
Regulated by: FSC Seychelles and SVG
19ms 73ms

AuraFX []

19ms 69ms 

Ava FX Real []

73ms 3ms
Ava FX Demo [] 74ms 


73ms 4ms

Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
<1ms 66ms

BelforFX (

91ms 24ms

Benchmark Group []
Regulated by:  FSC [BG]

<1ms 71ms
Regulated by:  NFA [US]
1ms 70ms
CapFH Clearing []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
71ms 1ms

CFH Clearing []

71ms 1ms
Citi FX Pro []
Regulated by:  NFA [US]
96ms 24ms []

2ms 73ms

Core Liquidity Markets 

Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]

22ms 90ms
Cresco Capital Markets ltd [] 2ms 72ms
Currenex [] 3ms 73ms
Dukascopy []
Regulated by:  FINMA [CH]
79ms 3ms

E-Global Demo []

71ms 2ms

E-Global Real []

96ms 17ms
ETX Capital  [ ]
Regulated by: FCA [UK]
69ms 3ms
Member FSCL dispute resolution [NZ]
77ms 7ms
Evolve Markets []
No formal regulation (BTC broker)
20ms 107ms
Regulated by:  NFA [US]
FBS []
No formal regulation [MY]
3ms 73ms

FiboGroupDemo []

121ms 56ms

FiboGroupReal []

74ms 136ms
Fidelis CM  []
Regulated by: CySEC
3ms 74ms

Fine XO []

71ms 3ms
No formal regulation [VC]
<1ms 73ms

SEE E-Global []
Regulated by: NFA [US], FSA [UK], ASIC [AU]
2ms 75ms UK [] (server is in USA)
Regulated by: NFA [US], FSA [UK], ASIC [AU]
2ms 75ms
Forex Ltd. []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
30ms 96ms

No formal regulation [VC]

93ms 22ms

 Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
ON NET 75ms
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
ON NET 72ms

Regulated by: ASIC [AU]
ON NET 72ms
No formal regulation [DM]
2ms 24ms

FX Choice FxChoice-ClassicLive.srv []

107ms 15ms
FX Clearing []
Regulated by:  MRRC [RU]
2ms 70ms
Regulated by:  Multiple
ON NET 73ms
FXCM UK [] (server is in USA) 
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
1ms 72ms
FXCompany []
No formal regulation [RU]
123ms 56ms
Regulated by:  NFA [US]
24ms 84ms
FXDD (Malta) []
Regulated by:  MFSA [MT]
1ms 73ms
FX Flat (
BaFin licensed
90ms 21ms
FXtradeweb [] 
Regulated by:  NBPR [FI]
74ms 2ms

FXOpen [ /] 
Member FSCL dispute resolution [NZ]

3ms 81ms
Member FSCL dispute resolution [NZ]
76ms 1ms
Member FSCL dispute resolution [NZ]
25ms 62ms
FXPremax []
Regulated by: FSA [UK]
2ms 73ms
FX Primus US-East []
Regulated by:  FSC [MU]
7ms 84ms

FX Primus  Europe []

80ms 2ms
FXPro []
Server moved to Moscow, RU
Regulated by:  CySEC [CY], ASIC [AU]
138ms 58ms
FX Solutions UK [] (server is in/near NYC)
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
71ms 73ms
FXTM (FOREX Time) []
Regulated by:  CySEC [CY]
82ms 14ms

Gallant FX 
Regulated by:FSC

 ON NET  72ms
Sensus Capital Markets Ltd.   
Regulated by:  CYSEC [CY]
83ms 7ms
GCM Forex ON NET 71ms
GFT []
Regulated by:  NFA [US], FSA [JP],ASIC [AU], FSA [UK]
4ms 76ms
GCI Trading Demo FX []
No formal regulation [UNKNOWN]
72ms 4ms
GCI Trading Live FX []
No formal regulation [UNKNOWN]
72ms 4ms
Regulated by:  FCA [UK]
75ms 4ms
Global Prime
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
ON NET 73ms
Go Markets  
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU
78ms 2ms
Go Markets  UK
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
122ms 49ms
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
SEE InterbankFX

Grand Capital   [ ]

89ms  IX PEER
GuavaTech ON NET 71ms
Hantec Markets []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
72ms IX PEER

Regulated by: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC)


68ms ON NET
HDForex []
Member AFC dispute resolution     
76ms IX PEER
HotForex []
Regulated by:  FSC [MU]
82ms IX PEER
HY Markets Demo []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
231ms 302ms
HY Markets Live []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
1ms 4ms
I am FX []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
83ms 7ms
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
ON NET 72ms
ICM Brokers []
No formal regulation [US]
43ms 122ms
IFC Markets []
Regulated by:  FSC [BVI]
68ms 141ms
IG Markets  [ ] 86ms IX PEER
No formal regulation [VG]
236ms 243ms
IKON Group []  1ms 80ms
Infinity Futures SEE []
No formal regulation [UNKNOWN]
86ms IX PEER
Please contact your Integral
representative to activate your link
ON NET 71ms
Interactive Brokers []
Regulated by:  IIROC [CA], FSA [UK]
3ms 77ms
Intertrader []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
97ms 6ms
InvestAZ  []
Regulated by: FSP [NZ] Member FSCL dispute resolution [NZ]
88ms IX PEER
IronFX []
Regulated by:  (multiple registrations)
78ms 7ms
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
75ms IX PEER
InvestorEurope Demo []
Regulated by:  FSC [GI]
7ms 75ms
InvestorEurope Live []
Regulated by:  FSC [GI]
7ms 91ms
IS Prime 
regulated by: FCA UK
ON NET 71ms


not currently regulated

<1ms 81ms
JFD Brokers []
Regulated by:  multiple
2ms 72ms
JustForex  [] 4ms 77ms
Key to Markets  (
Regulated by:  FSPR [NZ]
8ms 72ms
Latitude FX [] 4ms 72ms
LiderFX []
Regulated by: FCA [UK]
72ms 2ms
Lite Forex []
Regulated by:  RAFMM [RU]
74ms 140ms
LMAX Exchange []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
70ms IX PEER
LMAX Exchange []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
85ms 1ms
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
79ms 7ms
London Capital Group []
Regulated by: FCA [UK]
70ms 2ms
Lucera ON NET 72ms []
Regulated by:  (multiple registrations)
76ms IX PEER
MasterForex []
Regulated by:  MRRC [RU]
81ms IX PEER

MaxFX []

81ms IX PEER
MB Trading []
Regulated by:  NFA [US]
68ms 149ms
MF Financial [] 1ms 73ms
MigBank Demo []
Regulated by:  FINMA [CH]
90ms IX PEER
MigBank MAM []
Regulated by:  FINMA [CH]
97ms 33ms
MigBank Real []
Regulated by:  FINMA [CH]
97ms 19ms
MTG Forex  [] 76ms IX PEER

Regulated by: New Zealand FSP (Financial Services Provider)
2ms 74ms
MXT Global
Regulated by: ASIC
ON NET  71ms
Regulated by:  (multiple registrations worldwide) including NFA [US]
1ms 71ms
OctaFX  [] 112ms IX PEER
OEC []
Regulated by:  (multiple registrations)
19ms IX PEER
One Financial CFD Demo []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
108ms <2ms
One Financial CFD Live []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
73ms <2ms
OneTrade []
regulated by: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)UK
<1ms 71ms
oneZero Financial Systems ON NET ON NET
PaxForex [] 92ms IX PEER
PrimeBank Forex [] 45ms 116ms
Orbex [] 68ms 139ms
Regulated by:  ASIC [AU]
ON NET 72ms
Regulated by:  [NFA]
ON NET 74ms 
PrimeXM 73ms 1ms
ProfiForex []
Regulated by:  SIBA [SC]
2ms 74ms
Questrade []
4ms 71ms
Real Forex (Israel)  ON NET 72ms
Renesource Capital [] 112ms IX PEER
RoboForex  [] 97ms IX PEER

Regulated by: ASIC (Australia)
74ms 2ms
ON NET 72ms
SFX Markets [] 2ms 113ms
Solidary Markets FX [] 3ms 71ms
Squared Financial  [] 1ms 73ms
Sterling Gent
Regulator:  BVI [BM]
73ms IX PEER
Spotware UK Proxy (cAlgo, cTrader) 75ms IX PEER
Sunbird FX [] 134ms 1ms
Regulated by:  FCA [UK]
75ms 4ms
SwissProFX ON NET 71ms
SwissQuote [] 77ms 9ms
ON NET 79ms
Tallinex  [] 81ms 11ms

Regulated by: Multiple
82ms 2ms
[ThinkForexUK-Live 2]

FSA regulated

71ms 3ms
Tickmill  Demo []
71ms 9ms    ON NET 72ms
TradeFair [] 70ms 1ms
TraderNOVO [] 2ms 73ms
TradersWay [] 82ms IX PEER
TradeStation  [] See Oanda See Oanda
TradeView [] 75ms IX PEER
Trading Point [] 72ms 1ms
UWC [] 85ms

Valbury Capital []
Regulated by:FSA



Regulated by: FCA [UK] [NFA]

ON NET 74ms
Regulated by:  ASIC & FSA [AU]
74ms ON NET

Regulated by: FCA [UK]
71ms 1ms
ViproMarkets  []
Regulated by: CySEC
73ms IX PEER
Viva Forex   [] <1ms 70ms
Windsor Brokers [] 88ms
Xenfin Capital []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
70ms <2ms
Xenfin Capital []
Regulated by:  FSA [UK]
3ms 72ms
XM []
Regulated by:  [multiple]
X-Trade Brokers []
Reguleted by: FCA [UK]
86ms 15ms
youtradeFX [] 82ms 16ms

LA: Los Angeles data center
NYC:  New York City data center
UK:  London data center
Time measured in milliseconds (1/1000th of a second) to brokers gateway.

: These brokers are participating in our bundling program and offer a free or discounted CNS VPS to their subscribers.  For more information, please reivew this KB article detailing the program.

: These brokers are participating in our bundling program actively sponsor CNS subscribers and are very responsive to subscriber requests.  As such, they have been designated a "CNS Premiere Sponsoring Broker".

ON NET  These brokers are directly connected to the CNS network.  Latency <1ms.    [top]

ON NET  These brokers are connected to the CNS network through a peering fabric or a peering relationship with their ISP.  This configuration completely bypasses Internet transit.    [top]

Regulatory information has been obtained from the broker's web site or by contacting the broker directly.  This information is believed to be accurate as of the date posted.  CNS assumes no liability for errors or omissions.  If any information is not correct, please contact CNS Support.

This latency chart does not imply an endorsement or recommendation of any broker.  It is only a list of latency results to popular brokers or brokers CNS support has been requested to test by subscribers.  Use your own due diligence before doing business with any broker.  If you have ANY questions then please contact CNS Suport.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How do I use the latency chart?

A:  You should setup your virtual desktop in the data center with the least latency to your broker.   If you are not using the virtual desktop to trade or if your trading strategy is more long term then setup your virtual desktop in the datacenter closer to you for best remote desktop performance.

Q:  I am trading both west and east coast brokers.  Where should I host my desktop?

A:  Consider setting up two desktops, one for west coast and the other for east coast brokers.  You can easily log into both at the same time, and even network them together so you can securely copy files between them.  This will give you the best possible latency to all brokers.  Please refer to our latency chart to determine the best location to host your trading terminal.  Let us know if your broker is not on the list and we will do our best to update it as soon as possible.  If you do not want to setup two desktops then pick the broker most important to you and use the data center on the chart with the lowest latency.

Q:  I already have a virtual desktop.  Can I migrate my desktop to the new data center?

A:  You can migrate your VPS between CNS datacenters at any time. Please open a support ticket.

Q:  What is "ON NET"?

A:  Brokers designated as "ON NET" are directly connected to the CNS network - they are "on the network".  Latency <1ms and connectivity via redundant broker gateways.

Q:  I am running a scalping EA.  What's the difference in performance?

A:  Night & day, especially for popular EA's where everyone is trying to make the same order at the same time.  Figure the average latency to all NYC  brokers is less than 5ms (5/1000th of a second).  It is difficult for another trader to place an order in front of you when you receive the same price quote so much sooner than they do.

Q:  How can I figure out the latency I am getting to my broker right now?

A:  This can be done from inside the VPS (or from your PC if you want to measure latency from your PC).

Click start->run

Type "cmd" in the box and click ok.  This will open a command prompt.

Lookup the broker's IP address in the latency chart.
For example, IBFX is  Type:  ping


C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ping

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=19ms TTL=238
Reply from bytes=32 time=19ms TTL=238
Reply from bytes=32 time=19ms TTL=238
Reply from bytes=32 time=19ms TTL=238

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 19ms, Maximum = 19ms, Average = 19ms   <-----This is the line to look at

The last line shows the minimum, maximum and average ICMP time to the broker, measured in milliseconds (1/1000th of a second).   Generally, anything under 150ms is considered good so long as the quality of the circuit is also good (no packet loss).  Any number less 20ms is excellent.  Consider this:  5ms latency compared to 100ms means the 5ms trader will receive the same price quote and have an order back ~20X sooner.

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