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Subscriber Update - September 2014
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 13 September 2014 01:45 PM
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Telephone Support Now Available:

Our online helpdesk is typically the best way to receive technical support that may require investigation or work completed on our part to resolve.  To reach the Help Desk, please login to the control panel and then click "Help Desk" at the top. You will find a link "My tickets" to create a new ticket. If you do not see this link, please log out and then back in. Our helpdesk is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  Response times are typically very quick.

While a support ticket is often the best way to resolve an issue, there may be times when contacting our helpdesk via telephone is more practical.  And so we are pleased to announce telephone support is now available!

(Please call any location)

San Diego, CA:  +1 (619) 225-7882
Los Angeles, CA:  +1 (213) 769-1787
New York, NY:  +1 (646) 930-7435
London, UK:  +44 (2035) 191453

Please:  Make sure your challenge question and answer are up to date so we can resolve your support request as quickly as possible.  In the control panel, click "my details" at the top.

We also maintain an emergency SMS contact to our Help Desk, so you can still reach us in the event of a power failure or disaster in your area. SMS works great for emergency communications because it requires much less battery than voice and will also keep attempting delivery in order to get thru busy circuits. Please save the number in your phone now, so you can reach us later in the event of an unexpected emergency in your area.

SMS Emergency Contact:

Worldwide (except UK): +1 (858) 633-8999
In the UK: +44 1872-672038

Options for IBFX traders looking for a new broker:

We were just as surprised -and disappointed- as most IBFX traders when we heard the news about FXCM buying IBFX accounts.  Many affected traders contacted us for options because they either do not want to switch to FXCM or prefer to keep their CNS VPS and find a new broker, avoiding the need to reinstall their software and licenses all over again.

IBFX was the only broker sponsoring CNS VPS's who accepted US clients - until now.  We heard you loud and clear, and reached out to some of our bundling partners asking for special offers for IBFX traders needing a new broker.  We received back two private offers and have already sent them directly to traders under the IBFX bundling program.  (If you are an IBFX trader and would like to receive these private offers then please contact our helpdesk.)

We are pleased to announce OANDA has stepped in to fill the void for US based traders!  OANDA has been operating since 1997, is NFA regulated and most recently won the esteemed Investment Trends awards for Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction and Best Value for Money in 2014 as voted by over 12,000 American investors. They support more than 90 currency pairs with very competitive spreads. OANDA offers flexible lot sizes, unlimited practice account, no commissions and no hidden fees.

OANDA will be ON NET in our NYC datacenter in the next few weeks!  If you are a USA based trader looking for a new broker then we strongly recommend you check out OANDA.  OANDA is offering the same bundling terms as IBFX:  Each month, OANDA will credit up to $35.12 of the monthly VPS fee for accounts with a minimum equity of $5,000 USD. (value edition Traders VPS with 896MB of RAM)  By switching to OANDA you will be able to keep your CNS VPS and avoid the trouble of reinstalling your software and licenses.  And of course you will also continue to enjoy free two-factor authentication, CNS Autoboot , Remote Admin and CNS technical support - including telephone support.

Please see the Bundling section below for information about switching broker bundling programs.


Major CNS Network Expansion:
We have been working to expand our network reach for the last several months.  New leased lines connecting our datacenters together have been setup, along with two more direct lines into Frankfurt and Amsterdam from the UK to connect to major peering exchanges.

Between Los Angeles, NYC and UK, we now directly connect to hundreds of ISP's and corporate networks all over the world on six major peering exchanges.  Two more exchanges are on the way up.  We have also setup additional private peering with more ISP's all over the world, resulting in a very high quality connection between you and your hosted CNS service.  Additional peering is being established literally every day.

Our new network enables us to better isolate any transit providers experiencing technical issues and prevent them from affecting you.  For example, it is now possible for us to send your traffic out through another datacenter if one region experiences issues - automatically.  At the same time, we can take advantage of better routes through our other datacenters utilizing our new leased line backbone.

As a result of our new peering, Alpari UK and Currenex are now ON NET.  Latency to Dukascopy from UK has been reduced from 40ms to 21ms.  We have directly connected to so many more new networks that we have not yet fully realized them all!  (We are working to update our latency chart.)  Our looking glass is available here.

We have two more peering exchanges coming online and some further route optimizations before we call the project complete.  We expect that to happen by mid October.

We hope you enjoy the new network!


San Diego Datacenter Migrating to Los Angeles:

As a result of our new network expansion, we are moving our San Diego datacenter to Coresite in Los Angeles.  Coresite is the host of the ANY2 exchange, connecting hundreds of ISP's together and the gateway to the South Pacific from the United States and most of Europe.  ANY2 is the largest peering exchange on the US west coast and the second largest in the USA.  Virtually all ISP's in the region connect directly to ANY2 or will be peered with us directly in Los Angeles, and so San Diego has become redundant and less connected than our other datacenters.

We will begin migrating hosted services to LA during the week of September 15th.  Trader's VPS's will migrate during our maintenance windows after all markets are closed.  IP addresses will change as a result of this migration and you will be notified of the new IP address when the move is completed.  A reboot is generally not required.  If you host your DNS with CNS then those records will be updated for you.

Subscribers wishing to coordinate the migration should contact the CNS helpdesk as soon as possible.


New ON NET Connections:

More FOREX brokers have been connected to CNS via ON NET.  ON NET is a direct connection between the CNS network and your broker (or other provider's) network for low latency and high redundancy.

In a typical hosted environment, IP traffic must travel between the VPS provider's network and thru the network(s) of commercial IP providers, who route and deliver the traffic to the remote network.  Even for short distances where end to end latency is typically very low, it can sometimes result in periods of high latency or even disconnects due to congestion or service issues that may temporarily route the traffic over a much longer distance - even when both sides are in the same datacenter.

With ON NET, traffic does not route through the public Internet - both sides are "on the network", with the Internet always available as an immediate backup route for high redundancy.   We have established points of presence (POP) to CNS ON NET in 51 different datacenters in the US and UK.  ON NET POP's are connected to the CNS network by a direct and private fiber-optic connection, bypassing the Internet and its inherent problems completely.

By connecting their network to ON NET, providers are demonstrating their commitment to provide you with outstanding quality of service.  Every broker, signal provider or other entity with mutual subscribers on the CNS network is invited to connect to our ON NET POP near them to provide low latency and high redundancy to subscribers on the CNS network.  Utilizing ON NET connectivity does not require any special software or settings - it's completely transparent to CNS subscribers. If you are trading on the CNS network with any of these brokers then you are already ON NET with them right now.**

The following brokers/providers are ON NET with the CNS network.  Please check the latency chart for the specific datacenter:

Alpari (UK)
ADS Securities
Armada Markets
Bank Direct FX
Benchmark Group
Capital One Forex
CMS Forex
DCFC Broker
Divisa Capital
Direct FX Trading Party
Excel Markets
FinFX [ECN Pro]
Finotec (UK)
Forex Nation*
FX Salt*
Gold Goat (New Zealand)
Go Markets
International Capital Markets (Australia)*
Key to Markets
[will be ON NET by Oct.]
oneZero Financial Systems
Real Forex (Israel)
Sensus Capital Markets*
Synergy FX
Traders Trust
Which Way FX

*bundling partner -  keep reading
**Integral requires that you contact your account representative in order to enable the ON NET connection.  Please check the latency chart to identify the datacenter where your VM should be hosted.

ON NET brokers may display the ON NET logo on their web site.  They will also be indicated on our
latency chart.  If you would like your broker to connect with ON NET, please contact them and let them know!  We will be happy to work with them and get them connected. 

New Bundling Brokers:

We are pleased to welcome OANDA  to our growing list of brokers sponsoring a CNS VPS for their traders.  OANDA is an award winning and highly respected NFA regulated broker.  The CNS VPS Bundling program allows brokers to include a free or discounted CNS Trader's VPS with their customer accounts by sponsoring all or part of the CNS subscription fee that is invoiced to the trader by CNS. The CNS VPS subscription remains the property of the trader while enabling the sponsoring broker to post credits directly to the subscribers renewal invoice to offset or pay the renewal fee in full. Each broker has their own program terms to qualify for sponsorship.

If you would like to apply your CNS VPS subscription to a brokers bundling program then please open a CNS support ticket and provide the coupon code as listed below. If your broker is not yet a member of our bundling program then please ask them to join! More information for brokers about our Bundling program for brokers can be found

The most current list of brokers participating in our bundling program can always be found in
this knowledge base article.   More brokers are on the way - stay tuned!

The following is a list of our Broker Bundling members and their respective program details as of September 13, 2014:

Broker Terms Coupon Code Datacenter/Latency

Regulator:  ASIC [AU]
Each month, AxiTrader will credit up to $35.12 of the monthly CNS VPS fee for customers who trade over 100 lots in a calendar month regardless of your account balance. (Value edition Traders VPS with 896MB of RAM). Please contact or +61 2 9965 5830 for further information/requests. AXITRADER ON NET

Regulator:  FMA [NZ]
Each month, you will be credited up to $35 of the monthly fee for a CNS VPS if you have traded more than 100 Standard Lots (round turn) within the previous month. (No minimum balance maintenance requirement.) BNFX NYC/1ms


Regulator:  ASIC [AU]

Core Liquidity Markets will sponsor up to $42.80 (Trader's VPS Value Edition - NYC 2 CPU cores included with 1152MB RAM) each month to any client who trades over 50 lots (round turn) and maintains an account balance of $5,000 usd. Please contact or +61 2 8015 5431 with any questions. CLM NYC/1ms

Regulator:  FSP [NZ]
Divisa Capital ( now offers FREE VPS hosting (up to a $47.80 value)! Any client who maintains an average balance of $5,000 and completes 25 standard lots per month is welcome to use this service. Please email support[at] for additional information. DIVISA NYC/2ms

Regulator:  NFA [US]
EES FX will sponsor a VPS at CNS free for any trader that trades with EES FX meeting the following criteria:  
  • Subscriber to EES FX ($99/month).
  • Live account holder with EES FX TE with $25,000 deposit that does at least 60 standard 100k r/t trades in 1 month.
  • Purchase any EA worth over $1,000 and receive a free VPS for 6 months.

Regulator:  ASIC [AU]
Each month, Forex Nation will credit up to $35.12 of the monthly CNS VPS fee for customers who trade over 100 lots in a calendar month regardless of your account balance. (Value edition Traders VPS with 896MB of RAM). Please contact Forex Nation for further information/requests. FOREXNATION ON NET

No formal regulation [VG]
Each month, FXSalt will credit up to $35.12 of the monthly CNS VPS fee for customers who trade over 35 lots round turn in a calendar month. This offer is available to any of our live MT4 or cTrader/cAlgo traders. For more information please visit or email FXSALT ON NET

Regulator:  ASIC [AU]
IC Markets will sponsor any client who trades over 100 lots (round turn) per calendar month. No minimum balance applies. Please contact or +61 2 8014 4280 with any questions. ICMARKETS ON NET

Regulator:  ASIC [AU]
Invast Financial Services Pty Ltd will credit up to $35 of the monthly CNS VPS fee for clients who maintain a balance of $5,000 in their trading account. For further information jump on the 24hr Chat function at or email INVAST UK/2ms
Regulator:  NFA [US], ASIC [AU]
Each month, OANDA will credit up to $35.12 of the monthly CNS VPS fee for customers who have a minimum $5,000 average balance. (value edition Traders VPS with 896MB of RAM)  US traders welcome. OANDA NYC/8ms

Regulator:  ASIC [AU]
Each month, Pepperstone will credit up to $35 of the monthly CNS VPS fee for customers who have a minimum $10,000 average balance. Must trade over 200 lots in a calendar month on their EDGE account. Please contact Pepperstone at +61 3 9020 0155 / with any questions or issues. PEPPERSTONE ON NET

Regulator:  MFSA [MT]
Each month, Sensus Capital Markets will credit up to $35.12 of the monthly CNS VPS fee for customers who trade over 100 lots round turn in a calendar month. This offer is available to any of our live MT4 traders. For more information please email SCM ON NET
Regulator:  FSPR [NZ]
Each month, SpediaFX will credit up to $32.56 to subscribers who trade at least 50 lots. SPEDIAFX NYC/1ms

Regulator:  BVI [BM]
Sterling Gent Trading Ltd ( now offers FREE VPS hosting (up to a $47.80 value)! Any client who maintains an average balance of $5,000 and completes 30 standard lots per month is welcome to use this service. SGT UK/6ms

Regulator:  AISC & FSA [AU]
Each month, Vantage FX will credit up to $35.12 of the monthly CNS VPS fee for customers who trade over 10 lots round turn on Forex in a calendar month on a standard account or 20 lots on a Pro account. Email Regulated – ASIC & FSA VANTAGEFX UK/<2ms
Please contact the broker directly for more information about their bundling program offer. If you would like to see your broker listed here then please contact them and tell them about our Broker Bundling program. Thank you!


Is your VM secured by two-factor Authentication?:

New dangerous threats are constantly appearing on the Internet and specifically targeting the online trading community.  This makes it that much more important for all traders and trader services to employ stronger authentication than the traditional user name and password.  Traditional user name and passwords are commonly compromised by malicious software, or from hacked web sites in which the victim has used the same password.  Hacked email accounts are also a common source of further compromise.

CNS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a system where two different factors are used to authenticate a system login. Using two factors as opposed to one delivers a higher level of security when authenticating your login. The CNS 2FA solution combines something you have - your mobile device (phone or tablet) - with something you know - your control panel or VPS password. This can be compared to using an ATM card to withdrawal funds where you are required to have both the card and the PIN to complete a transaction, though in that example your ATM PIN may rarely change and the 2FA PIN is changing every 30 seconds.

The 2FA software installed in your mobile device displays a changing code, which only needs to be added to the end of the password at VPS login. This avoids the need to wait for a SMS delivery. For subscribers without a modern iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device- SMS codes are still supported.

2FA renders key loggers ineffective because the PIN code changes every 30 seconds- for token generated PINs and 5 minutes- for PINs sent by SMS (can only be used one time). A stolen password is only 1/2 the information needed to login - the attacker must also have your mobile device in their hand to read the PIN code and enter it. Brute force hacks are out of the question.

All that is needed is a software application installed in your mobile device to display the codes.  There are already three that we know of which will work:  Google Authenticator, Authy and OTP Authenticator

CNS 2FA is compatible with Google Authenticator, Authy and OTP Authenticator.
We strongly recommend this free service to all subscribers. To date, CNS has not seen a single 2FA protected VPS hacked. 2FA also protects CNS Client Area logins, which is very important because it prevents someone from accessing your CNS account and disabling 2FA.

CNS Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is compatible with any hosted Windows server, and has been tested on Windows 2003 R2, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2. It is available free with every CNS VPS subscription, and is also available by subscription for Windows servers off the CNS network.

How to install 2FA:

Installing CNS 2FA is detailed in the CNS Two-factor Authentication How-to Guide.

Please - open a support ticket if you require assistance. We will be happy to assist you in securing your VPS. Please login to your Client Area and click "Help Desk" near the top, then click "Submit a Ticket" to send a new support ticket to our technicians.

Cloud Support Available to Third Party Developers:

CNS support technicians have a tool available to them we call "Cloud Support".  Cloud support enables the subscriber to allow a technician to share a one-time remote desktop session with them in order to work though a support request.  After the technician establishes a new Cloud Support session, they give the subscriber a code to be entered into the CNS Cloud Support page.  Shortly after, the technician and the subscriber are sharing the same subscriber desktop session.  It is a secure system - the subscriber must actively invite the technician into the system - each time - and can also kick them out at any time.  The tool has been extremely helpful.

We are often caught in the middle between a subscriber and their software publisher, who is ultimately responsible for supporting the software.  CNS will of course always try to find resolutions, but there are many cases where the software publisher's deep knowledge of their specific application or service is required.  The publisher often would like to interact with the subscribers desktop, but the subscriber does not want to give out a password (and they shouldn't - ever).

And so to help facilitate faster resolutions to these subscriber support tickets, we are making our Cloud Support system available to third party developers with mutual subscribers on the CNS network free of charge.

If you are a software publisher and would like to utilize Cloud Support to assist our mutual subscribers then please contact our helpdesk for a free Cloud Support account.

If you are a subscriber and would like your software publisher to utilize Cloud Support to assist you with an issue, please contact our helpdesk and we will be happy to help your software publisher get setup.


CNS Remote Admin 1.0.17:

CNS Remote Admin is a free tool for use by Commercial Network Services subscribers to manage Windows virtual servers and desktops. Just some of the features in CNS Remote Admin are: view logged on users, running processes, events, download/upload files, and even control CNS Autoboot. Recommended for all CNS virtual server & desktop subscribers.

CNS Remote Admin is a great way to monitor the health of your VM's operating system. 

Changes desktop version of CNSRemoteAdmin 1.0.17:

  •  Replaced old 2FA support with new CNS2FA.
  •  Reworked internal engine for tabs and network connection. Now all operations are working faster, especially File Manager and Event Viewer.
  •  Fixed navigate up in File Manager, now navigating to upper folder instead of root of drive C:
  •  Fixed error when trying to navigate to folder, which was just renamed in File Manager.
  •  Fixed issue with error showing remote screenshot in some cases (In Windows 2008 and Windows 2012). After reboot in Windows 2003 it is required to make logon to Windows with using Remote Desktop before using screenshot feature.
  •  Fixed progress bar in File Manager when copy/open files.
  •  Added support of rad files where line by line means: remote ip, login, password, and optionally 2fa. To open it, call app with passing full path to rad file as first argument.

Changes in mobile version of CNSRemoteAdmin 1.0.17:

  •  Replaced old 2FA support with new CNS2FA.
  •  Added feature to sort columns in Process View.
  •  Added basic touch to zoom and double-tap to full screen feature in remote screenshot viewer.
  •  Fixed issue with error showing remote screenshot in some cases.
Getting CNS Remote Admin::

CNS Remote Admin will be installed in your VM with the 2012 Platform Update Driver.  Our new control panel utilizes CNS Remote Admin to operate some control panel functions.  To utilize CNS Remote Admin on your PC or mobile device, you just need to install the remote client:

Download for Windows PC

To get CNS Remote Admin for your iOS or Android device, search the playstore/appstore for "CNS Remote Admin".

Autoboot updates:

Autoboot 3.0.38 is now available. The 3.0.38 release is a minor update with bug fixes and some new features. To upgrade your Autoboot, please run the installer from your CNS VPS. 

Autoboot v3 features as of 3.0.38:
  • Use alerts to restart the application, the VPS/PC, or email you a message.
  • Global restart: Autoboot will restart all configured applications after a VM reboot
  • Schedule applications to start/stop
  • Resource alerts option: Trigger an alert if the VM runs low of RAM
  • House cleaning option: delete MT4 logs daily
  • CPU Affinity - enables binding applications to selected CPU cores of the computer. Works with 4 or more CPU cores.
  • Compatible with NinjaTrader
  • API
Application Management - Autoboot will trigger an alert if:
  • CPU (used by the app) exceeds a preset amount
  • RAM (used by the app) exceeds a preset amount
  • application hang or crash
  • key words in MT4 or EA log files are found (it monitors both logs and you can pick the words to trigger an alert, such as 'trade context busy')



Autoboot is free for all CNS VPS subscribers for use in a CNS VPS. To upgrade, close Autoboot (if it is open) and run the installer from your CNS VPS. [Download Autoboot documentation]

Issues related to the latest MT4 release running on Windows 2003 will be resolved in the next Autoboot update, expected to be released by end of September.  We are looking for a handful of testers.  If interested, please contact CNS Support.

Autoboot is also
available by subscription for use in PC's and VPS's not hosted by CNS. The subscription fee is US$5/month or US$36/year.

Autoboot features are a direct result of your feedback. Please - let us know if there is anything we can do to make Autoboot work better for you.


Coming Soon

Some of the things we are working on bringing you in the near future:
  • We are continuing to peer with more ISP's to provide you with the best possible QoS in your remote sessions.
  • We are leveraging Hyper-V Replica technology to bring you new emergency recovery options.
  • We are working to enable data center migrations from within the subscriber control panel, so you can move your VM between CNS datacenters with just a few clicks.
  • More SaaS publishers are coming online to bring you their subscription software, many with exclusive discounts for CNS subscribers
  • A new CNS web site will be released (about time - we know).


Getting Help:

Thank you for choosing Commercial Network Services. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are always here to help you. We maintain a ticketing system in order to effectively address and track your support issues. Please login to your Client Area and click "Help Desk" near the top, then click "Submit a Ticket" to send a new support request to our technicians.

NOTE: This message has been digitally signed. For your security, ALL electronic mail sent by CNS is digitally signed. If your eMail client is S/MIME compliant then you will see a digital certificate in the email message. This certificate proves the email was sent to you by CNS. If your email client is not S/MIME compliant, then you will find an attachment smime, which can be safely ignored.

CAN-SPAM: You have received this message because you have a CNS account and this message contains information that may affect your services. If you no longer wish to receive these types of messages from us then please login to your CNS Client area and click "my details" at the top.  Then, check the box to unsubscribe at the bottom and save. -thank you


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