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RoboForex Latency Increase
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 03 June 2016 09:57 AM

Please be advised RoboForex has moved their trading servers away from the financial center.  As a result, latency to RoboForex from our UK datacenter has increased from 8ms to 31ms.

The broker is advising their servers are now located in Germany.  However, CNS has a POP in Germany and 31ms is quite high.  The traceroute to RoboForex suggests the servers are now in the Czech Republic.  This is unlikely to benefit traders requiring very low latency because even if a trader moves their VPS close to the RoboForex server, the RoboForex server still must connect to liquidity providers 31ms away in the financial center.  The latency on the back end can not be detected by a simple traceroute.

Traders negatively impacted by this change are invited to review our Free VPS for Traders page.  The page has a listing of brokers who not only are willing to pay for your CNS VPS subscription, but also their latency too.  There is no need to destroy your VPS and setup a new one.  Simply reach out to CNS Support and provide the brokers coupon code listed on the page.


Traceroute from our UK datacenter follows:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1  uk2-2-10gb-x (  0.065 ms  0.044 ms  0.037 ms
2 (  1.433 ms  1.490 ms  1.546 ms
3 (  1.414 ms  1.470 ms  1.527 ms
4 (  1.546 ms  1.602 ms  1.656 ms
5 (  1.524 ms  1.568 ms  1.622 ms
6 (  1.378 ms  1.386 ms  1.404 ms
7 (  1.496 ms  1.466 ms  1.467 ms
8 (  2.503 ms  2.491 ms  2.479 ms
9 (  1.834 ms  1.828 ms  1.816 ms
10 (  26.513 ms  26.500 ms  26.488 ms
11 (  29.892 ms  29.957 ms  29.949 ms
12 (  31.093 ms  31.172 ms  31.132 ms
13  * * *
14  * *



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