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Fraudulent Notice of Domain Suspension
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 03 November 2015 06:37 AM

It has come to our attention that some subscribers with domain registrations are receiving fraudulent "Notice of Domain Suspension", with a link to download "a copy of complaints".

Please be advised this notice is completely bogus and clicking on the link will likely result in your machine being infected.  This notice appears to be sent by scammers using publicly available domain databases.

Remember - ALL email from CNS will always be digitally signed. 

If you receive such an email you are advised to delete it immediately, without clicking on anything.



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Hurricane Joaquin (NYC)
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 01 October 2015 09:40 AM

News from NYC regional DCs

In preparation for the upcoming winter storm:

  • * All generators have been tested.
  • * Fuel supplies have been topped off.
  • * Personell contingency plans have been established and are ready to be put in place if necessary.
  • * Supplies to keep staff-members well-fueled have also been topped of

We’ll post any status updates that occur as a result of this storm.

UPDATE 10/2/2015:  It is likley the storm will head east, away from NYC.   We are continuing to monitor.



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Termination by PrimeXM to CNS ON NET
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 26 September 2015 08:31 AM

Today Mr. Clive Diethelm, CEO of PrimeXM, made good on his 3 day notice to terminate ON NET connectivity of his brokers to thousands of retail traders. He did it knowing full well that there may be traders affected by his actions, not necessarily CNS subscribers. He did it out of spite and completely disregarded the best interests of the retail traders who are customers of his very own customer brokers.

Our network continues to be one of the most connected on the Internet.   The end latency increase to CNS subscribers in NYC is about .4ms (1ms total). Currently, in the UK, latency has increased to 2ms.  We are working to drop that to 1ms by expanding an existing settlement free peering relationship with one of PrimeXM's paid transit providers.

We must unfortunately now list all PrimeXM hosted brokers as “NOT RECOMMENDED” on our popular latency chart. This listing is for no fault of their own except that they have chosen a technology vendor with a well-known reputation for irrational behavioral outbursts which can very easily end up costing retail traders money. In this case, it has resulted in many retail traders experiencing what could be a substantial change in their trading environment (if they trade with very latency sensitive strategies).   This listing will remain until these brokers change to a technology provider operated by a more stable CEO.

We will be reaching out to every single trader potentially affected by Mr. Diethelm’s latest “episode” in order to identify any financially harmed. We will then bring an action in an appropriate court to recover their losses for them. If you have been harmed by Mr. Diethelm’s behavior, please contact CNS support. We will also be reaching out to regulators again to make sure they completely understand the situation and the risk PrimeXM poses to retail traders as a result of Mr. Diethelm’s demonstrated pattern of irrational and unstable behavior.

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CNS requests emergency intervention by regulators in PrimeXM dispute
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 25 September 2015 12:04 AM

CNS has requested emergency intervention from regulators to prevent impact to traders by PrimeXM without reasonable notice.  The document is available for review here

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Posted by Barry Bahrami on 23 September 2015 06:09 AM
[CNS Logon]


Please be advised we have been notified by PrimeXM that they intend to terminate ON NET connectivity to the CNS network in NYC and UK this coming weekend. PrimeXM provides mainly back-end services (including MT4/5 server hosting) to FOREX brokers. CNS currently peers with more than 1000 networks worldwide, all settlement free ( ). This provides not only an ideal connection between your trading applications and your broker, but also between you and your hosted VM. PrimeXM has been enjoying free ON NET connectivity to the CNS network in NYC and UK for some time.

On Tuesday morning, we received from PrimeXM a demand for payment to continue these same free peering connections you are already enjoying if you trade with a broker hosted by PrimeXM. They say this fee is to “cover connectivity demand and maintain the security and scalability of our infrastructure”. What they fail to consider is that we also have our own costs to maintain these very same things.

Peering is all about providing good connectivity to mutual customers. In at least one case that I am aware of, PrimeXM is utilizing ON NET to communicate with their very own customer’s MT4 server clear across the Atlantic Ocean. Clearly, PrimeXM does not understand the benefit these peering links are providing them, their customer brokers, you the end-trader and CNS. We maintain this network free of charge for all ON NET participants.
Peering between edge providers provides a mutual benefit to all parties and drives the cycle of innovation forward, for which everyone benefits – most especially the end-trader. We have declined the PrimeXM demand as a matter of policy. CNS peers with networks worldwide – both edge and ISP – settlement free to provide better IP connectivity for traffic between these networks and our ON NET partners. The moment any edge provider agrees to peering fees, the cycle of innovation will be damaged and traders will ultimately pay the price.

PrimeXM has already responded publicly that they intend to disconnect their settlement free connectivity to our ON NET network this coming weekend. You are receiving this alert because this action by PrimeXM may affect your automated trading with brokers hosted by PrimeXM.

We expect latency between CNS and PrimeXM to increase slightly. We have already reached out to brokers who will be impacted. If you are conducting high frequency trading on any of the following brokers then this action by PrimeXM may affect you:

Benchmark Group Sensus FX Optimax ADSS BDFX
DCFX Broker Firewoodfx Valbury Capital Armada Divisa
LMAX MTCOOK Saxo Synergy FX Tickmill
FxEthos Forex FS DCFX FinFX-PRO Traders Trust
Go Markets        

If your trading style is not latency sensitive or if you are not trading with any of the above brokers on your CNS VPS then this will not affect you.

If your trading may be impacted by this action by PrimeXM then there are options available to you. Your broker may be able to change PrimeXM’s mind before this weekend. Please reach out to your broker and ask them to contact their vendor – PrimeXM. Let them know that CNS is your chosen VPS provider and this action by PrimeXM will directly affect your trading.

If PrimeXM goes ahead and disconnects the free ON NET connectivity then there will be little your broker can do. You then may also want to explore other brokers who maintain an ON NET connection to the CNS network. Many will even pay for your CNS VPS subscription because they value the quality of the connection, support and security between you and them. Only CNS provides 24 hour telephone support, CNS Autoboot, Remote Admin, two-factor Authentication and a 100% uptime guarantee.

Our latency chart can be found here:

And a listing of brokers who currently sponsor all or part of a CNS VPS subscription can be found here:

Please note that ON NET brokers who are at risk of disconnection are still listed as ON NET unless Prime XM actually disconnects the peering links.

We have established this page on our heldpesk for you to keep updated on this issue if it affects you. Please check back for updates.


UPDATE:  CNS requests emergency intervention by regulators to protect traders [read]

UPDATE:   Termination by PrimeXM to CNS ON NET network [read]

Previous:  (Finance Magnates) PrimeXM Networks to Remove Cross Connects to CNS This Weekend [read]

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