Bundling Program Members - Get a FREE or Discounted CNS VPS!
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 28 October 2011 08:26 AM

The CNS VPS Bundling Program allows brokers to include a FREE or Discounted CNS Trader’s VPS with their customer accounts by sponsoring all or part of the CNS subscription fee that is invoiced to the trader by CNS. The CNS VPS subscription remains the property of the trader while enabling the sponsoring Broker to post paymnets directly to the subscribers renewal invoice to offset or pay the renewal fee in full on the invoice's due date. Each broker has their own program terms to qualify for sponsorship.

If you are establishing a new CNS VPS subscription then please use the Broker's Promotional Code at Checkout. You have the option of paying the first month of service or select the "Mail-in Payment" option and wait for the Broker to approve the sponsorhip and apply their initial payment to your invoice. If using the "Mail-in Payment" option it may be a good idea to coordinate that with the Broker before placing your order to ensure that you are qualified for sponsorship and can have the payment applied in a timely manner.

If you would like a current CNS VPS subscription sponsored by your Broker's Bundling Program, please open a CNS Help Desk support ticket and provide us with the CNS VPS Subscription ID and the Promotional Code as listed below.

You can review the Broker sponsorship details in real-time from the VPS Details page in your CNS Client Area. This can be found by going to "My Products & Services" then click the "View Details" button for your subscripton.

Following is a list of our Broker Bundling Program members and their sponsorhip terms:

CNS Premiere Sponsoring Broker : Brokers with two stars next to their offer are designated a "Premiere Sponsoring Broker" by CNS because they check their CNS portal often and are very responsive to subscriber sponsorship requests

Please contact the Sponsoring Broker directly for more information about their bundling program offer. If you would like to see your Broker listed here then please contact them and tell them about our Broker Bundling Program. Thank you!
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