How do I share files, folders and drives between multiple CNS VM's
Posted by Barry Bahrami on 29 March 2009 02:44 PM

Sharing drives is possible through traditional windows file sharing methods.
To start sharing drives:
Adjust the firewall in both VMs to allow connections from the other(s)

In each VM, open the firewall and create a file sharing exception.
Start->control panel->windows firewall

Exceptions Tab
Check file and printer sharing and select “edit”
Select TCP 139 and click “change scope”
Select “custom” and enter the IP address of the OTHER VE in this box. If you want to share multiple VE’s then separate IP’s by comma. There is no harm if you enter the VE’s own IP in this box too. i.e.,,
Repeat for the remaining entries, 445, 137 and 138
Click OK to accept

• Map the network drives between each VE

To map the entire C drive of the other VE, open windows explorer (start->all programs->accessories->windows explorer)

In the address bar, enter: \\The OtherVEIPAddress\C$

i.e. if the IP address of the other VE is then you would enter \\\C$

You will need to login with the Administrative login on the VE you are connecting to.

The drive will connect and the tree on the left will build out to add the other VE in the workgroup. To map the drive permanently, right-click on C$ and select “map network drive”. Select the drive letter to map the remote VE as and click ok. The remote disk is now mapped as a separate drive. To copy files, use normal copy/paste

It is also possible to allow other CNS subscribers access to your shared folders. Please contact CNS support for assistance.

The sharing of drives and files between all CNS VE’s, including between CNS data centers, is automatically secured by sate of the art IP SEC security.

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